grätzl life:  arriving, immersing, reviving

grätzl life:  arriving, immersing, reviving

Berlin has its »Kiez«. Barcelona the »Barrio«. And Vienna has its »Grätzl«. That’s exactly where the city still has its timeless sense; where people still know each other, where you can enjoy new stories, exactly where you can feel Vienna like a real Viennese.

That is also because of the many little shops and bars, which offer you a wide range of services and plenty of variety. And all that directly in front of your hotel room.

exercise & recreation

Whether you want recreation or exercise, around the grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt there are many possibilities for that. Take your pick – a workout at the fitness center, wellness at the Dianabad, massage studios, a stroll around the Augarten, jogging trails, a quick splash in the Badeschiff – the list goes on.


Around the Karmelitermarkt you can buy everything you like for your physical well-being.
A lot of deli shops, as well as the farmer’s market, offer local specialities. The gastronomy also leaves nothing to be desired: vegan, rural, Viennese or gourmet, here everybody can find something for his or her taste.

going out & leisure time

The 2nd district is one of the hippest in Vienna. Within walking distance of the grätzlhotel are numerous bars and clubs at the Donaukanal and around the Karmelitermarkt. The Grätzl’s leisure time facilities – swimming, boat riding, biking & concerts – are worth seeing as well.

experiencing & discovering

There are numerous sights in the immediate vicinity, including museums, the concert hall of the Viennas Boys’ Choir (MuTH), as well as some handcraft shops which you can find along the Grätzl sidewalks such as the porcelain manufacturer along the short walk towards the Prater.

handcrafts & arts

Handcrafted art has long been a tradition in the Grätzl, and has been enjoying a resurgence recently; whether it’s »Wiener Honig« (Viennese honey), »Augarteneis« (locally-made ice cream at the Augarten), »Anton macht kaes« (cheese mady by Anton) or »Recyclingdesign«.

useful & comfortable

The central location of the grätzlhotel offers a nearly complete infrastructure: pharmacy, doctors, ATMs, taxis, public transport, embassies and so on.

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