extrawürschtl: they simply taste everyone

extrawürschtl: they simply taste everyone

Perfectly happy. That is how you supposed to feel when you stay at the grätzlhotel.

Therefore we offer some extras and additional services. If you still have questions about the additional services listed below, let us know your needs. We can advise you individually.

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Dinner for two or dinner for you? Enjoy the delicious creations offered by friends at Motto in our suite "the lampshade maker" at Karmelitermarkt. Be it a romantic candlelight dinner for you and your loved one, a jolly get-together with a bunch of friends, a birthday or a simple after-work treat, our #stayfordinner package does the trick.

Consult us for prices

the grätzl basket

the picnic: the grätzl basket is available on order with us at the reception. Enjoy selected delicacies - in the park, in bed, alone or in pairs, in the Grätzl or wherever you want!

€ 32,– *

the grätzl transfer

to the airport: We can arrange a transfer from or to the airport. In order to ensure you a quick, safe and comfortable arrive at your desired destination!

€ 44 ,-*

the grätzl bouquet

as a surprise: you want to await the arrival of your sweetheart or your loved one with a beautiful bouquet in the room? We can arrange a bouquet of your choice!

€ 20,– *

the grätzl bicycle per day

ready to go: Do it like the Viennese and discover the city on a bike. Stylish bicycles can be borrowed from us!

for free

the grätzl dog’s bed per night

to be borrowed: Take your four-legged friends with you to the grätzlhotel. 

€ 15,– *

* Prices include all taxes and fees


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