grätzl life  arriving, immersing, reviving

grätzl life  arriving, immersing, reviving

Berlin has its »Kiez«. Barcelona the »Barrio«. And Vienna has its »Grätzl«. That’s exactly where the city still has its timeless sense; where people still know each other, where you can enjoy new stories, exactly where you can feel Vienna like a real Viennese.

That is also because of the many little shops and bars, which offer you a wide range of services and plenty of variety. And all that directly in front of your hotel room.

exercise & recreation

Whether if you prefer to recreate or activate: around the grätzlhotel Meidlinger Markt there are pleny of prospects for both. Wellness at the Theresienbad, one of the oldest in Vienna, offers indoor/outdoor pools, saunas and steambaths. Walking paths run along the many parks, both big and small, in the district, such as the palace garden at Schönnbrunn or the children-friendly Christina-Busta park. Or just relax at the »Stadtwildnis Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel«, where they let the weeds grow. 


eating & drinking

Around the Meidlinger Markt there’s just about everything you can imagine for your physical well-being. From the beer specialties at »Malefitz«, to Styrian delicacies like pumpkin seed oil, to oriental sweets, the farmer’s market regularly attracts with local food. 

going out & leisure time

The 12th Viennese district represents club culture, Viennese inns and classic Beisln (bars). Within walking distance of the grätzlhotel is the U4 – the legendary club of the 80’s and 90’s, where artists such as Falco and Kurt Cobain performed and where they still party ’til the morning hours. For those looking for a bit more quiet, there are plenty of cocktail bars and pubs in the district to hang out.

experiencing & discovering

There are many sights in the immediate area for visitors. Foremost among them is the Castle Schönbrunn with its nearby palace garden and the oldest zoo in the world. Along the grätzl sidewalks you can also discover the art of the Viennese communal buildings, the Meidlinger Platzl (square) and the emblem house, many sacred buildings such as the Meidlinger church, the old Viennese Schnaps museum and the museum of heating culture.

handcrafts & arts

The arts of handcraft have a very long tradition in the grätzl. Most of them are located between Meidlinger Markt and Meidlinger Hauptstraße, where more young designers and start-ups have also begun to move in amongst the smiths and electricians.

useful & comfortable

The grätzlhotel’s urban location offers an almost complete infrastructure, including a pharmacy, various doctors and a post office. And in the Meidlinger Hauptstraße you can go for more than just a stroll; you can go shopping: fabrics, paints, shoes, fashion, stationery, food and much more.

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